Cute dog: lovely dog was overjoyed and couldn’t hide his tears when he met his owner after 5 years

When the dog approached him, he burst into tears due to the dog’s reaction.

Since the elderly owner could not afford to take care of the golden dog, he was forced to give it away. When the dog approached him, he burst into tears due to the dog’s reaction. The man was fortunate enough to be hired by a foreign company with the perfect wage when he had just graduated from high school. He paid for the house and the golden retriever with his own money.

When the Golden Dog arrived at his new home, he was only a few months old, but he was quite intelligent, and the owner only had to train him a few times before he could learn on his own. Every evening when he comes home from work, the little puppy always greets him as soon as he opens the door to the house. When he gets angry, the golden retriever becomes a ”buddy” he can confide in and a modest peace of mind.

Storms broke out after three years of peace. Unexpected winds and waves blew into his house, plunging him into a deep depression. He completely lost motivation.

Since he was unemployed, he could not afford to rent an entire house and continue living in the city.

He had no choice but to move to another city and end up sharing a room with a friend. However, as a result of the exchange, he no longer has the right to take care of the Golden Dog in the same way as before. Despite his protests, he eventually gave the puppy to a friend.

A friend of his told how his golden dog stopped eating within days of moving into a new home. A friend tried to contact him at the time, but was unsuccessful.

After 5 years of hard work, he began to feel more confident in his life. This year, for Tet, he stopped by to see how his beloved golden retriever was doing. The dog’s behavior amazed the owner, he did not bark as usual, but instead slowly approached him. The dog seems to have realized that he was raised by an elderly owner, when he wrapped his arms around his legs and began to rejoice and cry incessantly. The reaction touched everyone in the room, but the guy remained silent with regret.

He was sorry that he abandoned and neglected the dog many years ago. Everyone in the room was touched by Golden Dog’s reaction, but the boy remained silent with regret. He felt bad for neglecting and abandoning the dog many years ago. Dogs always remember their owners. Thus, do not give or sell your dog to anyone else because they will miss you and be heartbroken.

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