«Copy of her dad»: this is what the only daughter of Kurt Cobain looks like after 30 years

She is so similar to her father that even outsiders can guess who she is.

The only daughter of the cult musician Kurt Cobain recently celebrated her 30th anniversary, which is difficult to understand.

Francis Bin Cobain is just a double of his famous dad, both externally and in character.

She is so similar to her father that even outsiders can guess that they are blood relatives.

30 years ago, Courtney Love, the actress, and vocalist of the Hole group gave birth to a famous musician with only hair.

However, as a result, Francis does not welcome his father’s actions, because he threw her and her mother when she was very small.

Although she cannot completely forget him and considers him a weak and unstable person, she evaluates his talent as a qualified musician.

The young and charming lady inherited many features of her father.

Her beautiful blond hair and charming blue eyes are the best characteristics of the leader of the «nirvana».

Francis also adopted the strict and grumpy features of her father, although she is more comprehensive and tries to solve the restlessness surrounding.

In addition, she also loves rock music, although she avoids listening to the rock and songs of her father.

A charming woman holds her father’s records outside of reach, as she prefers to punk a gran.

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