Contemporary art: the artist ate the work of a colleague worth $ 120,000, and he was delighted

The artist ate the work of a colleague worth $ 120,000, and he was delighted…

Those who roll their eyes and say a nice quiet word when they hear the words ”modern art” has a great time with this information. An entire event bringing together all of the world’s politics and science! As a result, a banana has been taped to the ceiling with sticky tape. There were were two additional painters, one needy and the other arrogant.

Artist David Datuna is seen here enjoying the same banana.

However, the banana isn’t just any banana; it’s a piece of artwork by Maurizio Catellana!

Yes, during the Art Basel exposition in Miami, one crazy artist fastened an average banana to the wall with sellotape, dubbed it ”Artist’s Breakfast” or something like, and then bought it for $120,000 to a specific French customer. Now another artist, the clever Datuna, appeared and perpetrated heinous acts in front of all.

Everybody agreed that Datuna’s performance was ”Performance: a passionate artist,” that everything was as it ought to be. Until the economic issue emerged: the joker payed nothing with the banana that had already been sold! But, while the exhibition’s organisers were pulling their hair out, Catellana took the stage. He stated that while he was taken aback by Datuna’s actions, he was not upset. The banana, on the other hand, became more expensive almost instantly as a result of all the notice it received. The center can be consumed; but, what was sold was an item of artwork, and indeed, the copyright to it, rather than a particular fruit. As a result, the banana was effectively replaced after 15 minutes, and the show resumed.

This is, in theory, all there is to understand about conceptual art and its principles.

Source: Lemurov

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