Congratulations to the centenarian: this world’s happiest old cat is already 31 years old

The family of this cat is very fond of their new pet.

Nutmeg is not distinguished by a well-known breed or spectacular appearance. For several years he survived on the street, but in 1990 he was lucky enough to meet Finley, the family immediately decided to give him love and a home. After examining the animal, the veterinarian suggested that he was about 5 years old. The day when Natmeg found a new home, his owners began to consider his birthday, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the cat.

The family loved their new pet very much.

According to the owners of Natmeg, he likes to lead an active lifestyle. Every day, their pet wakes up at 5 am and wakes up one of the owners, demanding that he be served breakfast.

Natmeg recently turned 31 years old. He is not just a long-liver, he also claims to be a champion. To obtain a record, the family prepares documents that will help prove that their pet is more than three decades old.

If we talk about human figures, Natmeg is 141 years old. At such an honorable age, the cat is still active, loves to play and sit in the arms of the owners.

Of course, the centenarian has his own health problems, for example, he recently suffered a heart attack, but the veterinarians managed to save him.

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