Cockroaches Became Canvas. This Type Of Art Became The Most Discussed One. Environmentalists Are Against It.

Some artists create pieces of art using everything they want as a material. But in some cases this can’t be approved

What are the benefits of cockroaches? Yes, none, the majority will say, and it will be right. But there are always exceptions. For instance, the project of Brenda Delgado from Manila, who managed to turn cockroaches into copies of famous paintings.

Many people have this reaction when they see cockroaches

And Brandon has this kind of reaction

this is a painted cockroach. Don’t worry, it’s already dead. There are so many cockroaches in the Philippines that they crunch underfoot, and this is already inconvenient. And one day Brenda was once again sweeping dead insects out of the workshop, but her attention attracted the glitter of paint dropped on cockroaches. She decided to take a look.

She realised that that was a beautiful canvas. Cockroaches are large, and the area for drawing, too. They have hard and smooth wings, which also gleam – the paint lays down just perfectly. And the most important thing is that no one does anything like that, so there is a chance to become famous. Well, as a local native, she is not afraid of these insects.

Brenda tells not to be scared of showing your talents and put tasks in front of you do things you think are impossible.

Some people were against this type of art. They were sorry for these insects

Are you for or against paintings on the cockroaches?

Source: Lemurov

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