Childhood Dream As A Current Occupation. The Warm And Cozy Side Of The Snow.

Though snow is a cold weather symbol, something warm is felt in snowmen

All of us dreamed about becoming an artist or a sculptor when we were a child. We like to paint and make something from the mud, but our most preferable occupation was creating something with our parents or siblings. As the best examples of the street art these works are presented.

This furious dragon just needs a wonderful princess.

A real masterpiece! This is the ancient statue of Venera Miloskaya

Look at this realistic creation!

A snowman that reminds about the famous sculpture of the waiting one

These boys create more and more fabulous things year by year.

Amazing idea from childhood

Very realistic dog

Little sarcasm. A snowman with a smart phone.

This creation can be considered as a letter to Santa Claus

What did you made from the snow when you were a child?

Source: Lemurov

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