«Catwoman of our time»: this is how a woman looked before too many surgeries

 «Catwoman of our time»: this is how a woman looked before too many surgeries

She had always been at the center of attention, especially from men.

Usually, having heard the term «Catwoman», you first imagine a very attractive character, similar to the heroine of the comics.

However, the heroine of this story wears the same nickname.

Get to know Jocelyn Wildenstein from Switzerland, born in 1940.

According to most of her friends and acquaintances, before the operation, she had a very charming and attractive appearance.

She had blond hair, expressive eyes, and attractive facial features.

She has always been in the spotlight, especially from men.

For many years, the beauty has been looking for a status gentleman as partner.

In order to finally fulfill her desire, she decided to move to Paris.

Soon, a couple of months later, the girl managed to get acquainted with a pretty young man who was a film producer.

So, the man was constantly with his girlfriend, introducing her to his colleagues and famous people in the field.

Then the woman began to focus on the glamorous life of celebrities and stars.

Once a woman decided to change her appearance by performing an operation on her face.

So, she was addicted to a series of harmful operations after a year.

She simply could not stop plastic procedures that led her to a harmful lifestyle.

And, after many years, when she wanted to fix and give her original appearance, it became impossible.