«She has a Grammy record again»: beautiful Beyoncé broke a record, but could not take the award
Beyoncé could break the Grammy record for the number of wins in nominations. On the night of February 5 to 6, the 65th Grammy Award ceremony was held
«Her daughter Kaia Gerber stole her hair»: the famous model Cindy Crawford complained in an interview
In a recent interview, Cindy said that Kaia, figuratively speaking, stole her hair. Cindy Crawford is one of the most famous models in the world. And there is
«What the fan showed touched Adele»: she burst into tears when the fan raised her phone and showed a photo
She regularly performs in front of fans every weekend. Recently, the Ninth Adele concert was held in Caesars Palace. She regularly appears to fans every weekend. Nevertheless, none
«Beautiful queen Femme Pop is returning»: Beyoncé announced her first world tour in seven years
To announce the tour, Beyoncé used one of the pictures taken for «Renaissance». Not so long ago, 41-year-old Beyoncé made a splash at a closed party in Dubai.
«Kindness of the beautiful Jolie is infinite»: Angelina burst into tears while visiting the school and shared photos
She couldn’t hold back her tears as she looked at the heartbreaking photos. For many years, Angelina Jolie has been one of those rare stars who flatly refused
«Indestructible rule of the beautiful princess»: Kate Middleton has a strict rule that children cannot violate
Everyone is asked what methods of education they adhere to. Kate Middleton and Prince William have three children. It is known that after the spouses move from Kensington
«Elon Musk set a world record»: he has a record after losing the largest amount of money in history
In December last year, he lost the status of the richest man in the world. 2022 is definitely not the best year in Ilona Mask. In December last
«Unpleasant relations between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton»: Prince Harry spoke about a tense relationship
The Duke of Sussex in interviews spoke about the aggressiveness of Kate. Prince Harry does not cease to surprise the audience with unexpected revelations, many of which seem
«Bella Hadid’s advice is very fashionable this year»: she tells which hair accessory will be fashionable
The famous model is diligently trying out a variety of trends. Apparently, two stars, 41-year-old Paris Hilton and 26-year-old Bella Hadid are most happy about the return of
«She changed almost all of her appearance»: a photo of the new wife of Kanye West to plastic appeared on the network
The reality star «hated» the new wife of her ex-husband. Apparently, every New Year will begin with a violent discussion of the personal life of the family of