Carriers of small items made of boards found on the beaches of the world

Different metal things made of boards

Доски, найденные на разных пляжах мира.

Decorative elements with a history include wooden planks with magnetic inlays. They’re constructed out of driftwood collected from coastlines all over the world. Before becoming useful ornaments, these bits of wood had to withstand hurricanes, tidal waves, and fierce storms.

Магнитные доски для интерьера.

Доски с указанием географических координат.

The German brand Hejmonti came up with the concept for such carriers, and the series ”Drift” (”Drift”) was produced just for it. The geographical coordinates of the location where the rougher boards were discovered are engraved on them. The snags are then given a magnetic strip that has been faded somewhat and coated with a protective covering. You may now use them to hang equipment, keys, knives, and other metal items.

Держатели для ножей, ключей и инструментов.

Доски, найденные на пляжах.

Each crack and scrape on the board has a tale to tell; there are no two identical versions, and there never will be. The customer will also receive a newspaper featuring images of the coastlines where the tree completed its voyage, in addition to the planks.

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