British confectioners dared to make a chocolate Easter egg weighing 50 kg!

50 kg chocolate Easter egg…

If the Orthodox stream of Christianity starts their Easter brunch with colourful eggs and Easter pastries, the people of Foggy Albion choose to indulge in chocolate. A justifiable excuse, for only once a year, to devour chocolate first thing every morning, and as a result, Cadbury World, the chocolate studio, was gracious this year with an unparalleled gift. More specifically, the staff is enraged that no one would be able to effortlessly chew off a part of this beautiful egg.

Milk chocolate for a smidgeon. It stands nearly a metre tall. There are a lot of crème and candy blossoms, all of which are crafted entirely by hand. Chocolate was placed into specific moulds, and then two enormous halves of the testicles were glued together, leaving the inside unfilled. Otherwise, transporting it here would be difficult, therefore the sides are 4 centimeters thick – you can’t chew through them even if you tried. Who’ll do it?

This egg used the same amount of chocolate as 1111 standard chocolate bars. That is excessive, but two huge eggs were created at the same time, one for the Make-a-Wish Foundation charitable organisation and the other to be displayed at the confectionary team’s workplace. We’re not sure if you intend to eat them at all – it appears that you just, want to, but your lips won’t open to ruin such perfection. Or is it the other way around?

Source: Lemurov

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