Blind, wonderful pit bull received contact lenses and can now see easily drinking water from a bowl

Once the dog was full of life and joy now refused to play with other dogs.

When dogs become older, they have health problems. Some of them may have problems with their eyes due to cataracts.

Gremlin-Watering Dog, which used to be very active and energetic. Unfortunately, she has vision problems. Her parents-Christ and Marisa Hughes are big lovers of dogs.

They do not represent their life without these four-legged happy puppies. Their house is full of dogs of different breeds. They are very caring and affectionate parents of these happy animals.

When they found out that Gremlin did not see his environment well, the couple took her to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, during the operation to remove cataracts, they had to face difficulties, and the poor dog remained almost blind.

Once the dog was full of life and joy, now she refused to play with other dogs. Gremlin even stopped eating and communicating with her parents.

She was nervous and worried.

Marisa and her husband were devastated. They were ready to do everything possible to return her vision. They visited different veterinarians and contacted all the best veterinarians in the country.

When the poor dog was examined again, the veterinarians told her parents that her condition allows her to wear contact lenses. Maries was very glad to find out that her beloved dog has hope.

Fortunately, the idea worked, and when Gremlin began to see everything again, her parents felt relief and were happy.

Now a wonderful pit bull can eat and drink from his bowl. She is the same energetic and cute dog as she was before.

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