«Billie ditched her shaved head for a haircut»: at the awards show, she opted for the haircut shown in the photos

She can switch between rebel and conservative characters by making a muscle.

Whenever it comes to her hair, Billie has proven herself to be a real diva.  So far, Billy has tried to find the root cause of the ugly slime, old-school Hollywood blonde waves a la Marie Marilyn, rich chestnut color, baby bangs, and straight hair, a messy haircut in honor of her mother, and a burning moment as a redhead.

She can easily switch between rebellious and conservative characters while building her muscles, and we love that.

Billie changed gears again after showing her inner sad child during previous world tour shows.

The artist wore a similar dress with back-curved hocks and ultra-ruffled fringe, jet-black dress.

She is no stranger to vintage allusions and has been influenced by everything from the Holidays Doll to old family photographs.

Tom Smith, lead hair designer, and Evo, recently identified black as a trendy hair type to watch out for, quoting Due Lipa, Oliva Rodrigo, Mag Fox as owners.

The plane is «extremely reflective of sunlight and can appear quite harsh», he added, but this tiny hairstyle complements the dark shade and gives it a fresh look.

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