Before the rescue service came, the policeman covered the dog with his coat so that he would not catch a cold

In this story, the kind police officer covers the freezing dog with his dog.

Recently, the New YorkSheriff’s Office received a call about a car accident that injured a dog.

Sergeant Chris Howlett immediately went to the crash accident. On the side of the road, on a snow-covered shore, he noticed a frozen dog.

The poor fellow was lying on the snow ground. Soon the policeman took off his jacket and wrapped it around the weakened dog.

Luckily, the poor dog didn’t have any serious injuries.

After some time, rescuers arrived and the dog was taken to the veterinary clinic.

The police officer gives the injured dog his own jacket and comforts her before the help will arrive

His owners were notified of the incident and contacted the police station to take the dog home.

So dog’s owners have been waiting for him to get stronger.

The picture warmed the hearts of many. Thanks the sergeant.

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