«Before the operation, she burst into tears»: a touching moment when the surgeon calms a sweet girl

When the girl began to cry, this cardiac surgeon tried to console the girl.

This cute girl was born with heart disease.

Recently, she was scheduled for a planned operation in the hospital of the Zhejiang University Hospital in China.

Soon the time of the operation came on November 18, and the heart of a charming girl was beating rapidly.

Like almost every small child, she was also afraid of this situation and did not want to go to the operating room.

When the beloved began to cry, this generous cardiac surgeon raised her in his arms and tried to console the girl.

The handsome man who was in handheld her in his arms and began to show funny cartoons on the phone, distracting her.

This touching and charming moment was captured by one of his colleagues, who later posted an Internet record.

So, the caring doctor Shi Zhou reassured and comforted the sweet girl, and then performed the operation perfectly.

The doctor later said that, being a father, he knew the fear of the kids and the excitement of their parents.

The little girl cried all the time before the operation, asked to see her dad.

So, he was one who had enough patience and knowledge to reassure her.

A confused girl begged him to call her daddy there, the craftsman offered her something very supportive.

«Let’s see funny cartoons, and then your dad will be here, okay?»

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