Bees Dictate Their Capricious Taste. Wooden Honeycomb Shelves Have Become Important Part Of Aesthetic Corners.

Most used items must be under hand. These shelves help you have everything available at any time and are accurate at the same time. 

Changes bring positive vibe to our home, life and minds. You can just add some small details on the wall and change the whole image of it. Nowadays wooden honeycomb shelves have become popular and fashionable. In these shelves you can store books, plants and whatever you want.

honeycomb shelves

Bees and their life are inspiration of the design

When your decoration is not only attractive and impressive, but also useful then it is whatever you need.

Making these shelves is not complicated. But if you don’t have time and art skills, you can just order or buy from shops.

hexagonal floating shelves

Plant DecorSide View

These shelves are the combination of beauty and availability. They mainly have standard sizes, but you can choose according to your place and demands.

floating shelffloating honeycomb shelveshexagon bee shelves

Wooden honeycomb shelves will help you create your aesthetic corner.

What would you put on these shelves? Would they match to your interior?

Source: Etsy

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