Beautiful story: this girl spends all her time and money building a room for her new dog

The young woman wanted to offer the dog the best possible living conditions.

Julia Mooney was looking forward to the arrival of Taco, her new four-legged companion. The young woman wanted to offer him the best living conditions.

Julia Mooney, a resident of Blantyre, Scotland, does not have Harry Potter in her closet under the stairs, but a man named Taco. This is an adorable 8 month old Chow Chow. He carefully prepared for the arrival of his furry friend, as a parent prepares a child.

Months before the pup joined his new family, the 27-year-old Scottish bought all the necessary accessories to welcome him like a prince. She even reserved a small personal space for him.

When a young woman moved into her home in 2018, she had no idea what to do with the space under the stairs. Once she ordered Taco, she decided to turn the place into a bedroom, reports the Mirror.

“The idea to furnish a room for the dog came up months before she was ready to go home,” the animal lover explained.

This project took 4 weeks of work and about 175 euros. Pictures, frames, baskets, bowls fill with happiness a small fur ball, which, according to the owner, he “loves”. It is important for her to pamper her pet and help him feel comfortable.

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