Beautiful story: this curious cat tried to get the dog’s attention and become his best friend

They became the best friends in the world, much to the delight of their owners.

At first puzzled by the appearance of a kitten in the house, the dog realized that the small feline was simply begging to be accepted and amused. Soon enough, they became the best friends in the world, much to the delight of their owners.

There is nothing guaranteed when trying to cohabitate with pets, especially if they are of different species. However, with patience and the right reflexes, they can be made to get along and even become very close.

Such is the case with Beck and Blue, according to Animal Channel.

Beck is a German Shepherd. His family decided to adopt a kitten named Blue, but the dog didn’t seem to know how he was supposed to relate to the new arrival.

At first, Beck preferred to keep a decent distance to watch Blue and get used to her presence. The little cat seemed to be in a hurry to meet the dog. The latter was not at all hostile to him, but simply hesitated.

The kitten was a complete stranger, he became the best playmate

Gradually, Beck began to approach the young feline, especially when he was playing. It was there that the German Shepherd realized that he was in the presence of a wonderful playmate.

His owners helped him a lot, including giving him treats every time he showed affection and cared for Blue. So she associated the kitten with something positive.

Within a few days, the bond between Beck and Blue grew stronger and they began to play together more and more often. Over time, they became inseparable friends.

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