Beautiful story: this boy single-handedly stopped traffic jams to save a dog that was hit by a car

11 year old proves that you don’t have to be a superhero to save others.

Many people do not care about the lives of other living beings. At the same time, many people do their best to keep others safe. This is true for people of all ages.

An 11-year-old from Brazil has just demonstrated to the world that you don’t have to be a superhero to save others.

The child in question, Jean Fernandez, was walking along a busy street when he noticed a dog crying in the middle of the road.

The poor puppy was obviously hit by a car, and the driver fled. The dog was left alone and tormented, and no one could help him.

There was no time to waste for young Jean. He jumped to his feet and rushed to the wounded dog in the middle of a busy street.

Jean instantly stopped in front of oncoming traffic and grabbed the animal in his arms. He then hurried to safety with the dog.

This exceptional act of generosity did not go unnoticed. Several residents used their smartphones to take pictures of the incident.

Photographer Rafael Martins also captured the scene in several photographs where a boy stops traffic to save an injured dog.

He, too, was captured by the moment. Many of his social media followers praised the child for his thoughtful gesture. When Jean’s mother was asked about the boy’s animal friendliness, she replied that it was nothing.

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