Beautiful story: this adorable little Chihuahua looks forward to meeting his favorite postman every day

The friendship between a dog and a postman has warmed the hearts of people.

Franny, a 5-month-old Chihuahua girl, befriends the neighbor’s postman. Every morning, an adorable little dog waits at the front door for his best friend. As soon as she spots her white car, her body shakes with excitement.

All she wants is to share the love with one of her favorite people, Dan. “It’s an exciting connection”, Dodo owner Lisa said.

That day, Lisa held a new hairpin on her lap as she went out to get the mail. When she stopped to chat briefly with Dan, she witnessed an instant connection between her companion and her pet.

The locals have known Dan for several years and consider him to be punctual, diligent and kind.

The Chihuahua always looks forward to a visit from his best friend. Dan and Frannie are real sunshine. The close-knit canine family often shares videos of their reunion on TikTok. .

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