Beautiful story: the lonely cat had an angry face, but when he got a house and an owner, he became very happy

The angry expression of the kitten’s face helped him find a home and an owner.

An unusual cat appeared in the shelter of the American city of Akron, Ohio. Internet users are no longer surprised by the evil cat faces that nature sometimes gives them, but this guy is probably one of the most serious cuties. Just look at that ugly look!

However, it was the angry expression on the kitten’s face that helped him find a home and a loving mistress, begging on the street all his life. When photos of the cutie were posted on their Facebook page, the cat became a popular internet star.

Your facial expression when you have lived on the street all your life, and now you are in a shelter.

In fact, the cat named Giggle just has this expression on his face, and it is very angry! However, this does not reflect his true emotions, which are no more hostile or unhappy than other cats.

Incidentally, Giggles is known as ”the giggle,” as the staff called him, because he amused staff and patrons with his stern look.

Higgle the cat became very popular because of the expression on his face, and many people wanted to take him home.

Here is what was written in the post that interested people so much:

Giggles doesn’t get angry, and that’s his constant facial expression. In fact, he was very happy when these photos were taken.

The cutie wandered the streets for a while before the kind owner picked him up and took him home. At that time, he had a lot of ticks and a wound on his neck after a cat fight.

In general, the cat was originally very friendly and polite in contrast to the expression on his face. Therefore, he easily allowed a stranger to take him to an orphanage.

The shelter staff carefully studied all the applicants and handed over the cat to kind owners.

The new owners immediately opened a personal Instagram account for the cat, where you can make sure that Giggle is really happy. Even his expression shows the opposite.

The pose says that life is good, and the muzzle says that Giggle hates you all!

But now we know that this cat is cute!

The popularity of Giggles was so high that the shelter staff asked the new owner of the cat to post some memes with his photo in their Facebook group. In this way, they want to draw more attention to other stray cats who now live in a shelter.

Giggles is now the face of the Ohio Riggi Rescue organization.

Thus, Giggles himself got a new life with everything a happy cat needs and began to help others. Such a good cat!

First night in a new house!

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