Beautiful story: missing African cat finally found and reunited with his owner

The owners tried to find their cat, but to no avail.

The police found an African cat. The cat was outside for 3 days.

The cute and charming cat had owners, whose names were Lisa and Dean. They thought the cat was afraid of their dog named Hank. The African cat was named Spartacus. Lisa left the door open because the dog didn’t come in.

The cat escaped through the open door. The owners tried to find the cat, but to no avail. They contacted the Merrimack Police Department for help. Neighbors said they saw an African cat nearby. The couple decided to catch the cat with a trap.

An African cat was found locked in a house. Fortunately, the four-year-old cat was found by a policeman. The cat was healthy and unharmed and was returned to his family. The cat lives indoors and likes to run freely around the house. The family is very grateful to everyone who helped find their cat.

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