Beautiful story: life of a shelter dog changed thanks to a volunteer who walked him every day

This dog can finally start a new life thanks to a volunteer.

Doug Sears, a voluntary dog ​​walker for many years, vowed that Caesar, one of the shelter’s oldest residents, would find the loving family he so deserved. He kept his promise.

Admitted sick to an Ohio shelter in 2016, the dog is finally able to start a new life thanks to a volunteer who walks him nearly every day, WBKN reports this Sunday, November 21st.

The great news broke on Facebook this past weekend: Five and a half years after he was accepted into an Ohio animal charity, Caesar finally found a family to join this week. Doug Sears has a lot to do with this.

This man did not just voluntarily take daily walks; he also worked to be accepted.

Doug Sears works a stone’s throw from the shelter and volunteered there for years 5 days a week, sacrificing his lunch break to walk the dogs at the shelter. At noon, he appears at the establishment, he is trusted with one or more dogs, takes them out for an hour, and then brings them back.

While he enjoys these moments, shared with all the four-legged animals he deals with, a special bond has developed with Caesar. His plight especially distressed him, and he vowed to help her start a new life after a painful past. When it arrived at the shelter, the animal had lost all of its hair, was covered in sores, and suffered from heartworm.

“It was high time for Caesar to get a house and enjoy life”.

Jane MacMurchy, manager of the Animal Charity of Ohio, explains that for dogs that have a harder time attracting the attention of visitors than others, the costs of adoption are fully covered by sponsors. They usually have certain needs: health problems, do not get along with other animals or children… Caesar is one of the beneficiaries of this program.

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