Beautiful story: kind and caring man travels 1,000 miles to reunite dog with sick owner

A good deed by a man brings a dying woman back to her beloved dog.

To reunite the dog with the owner, the sweet man traveled almost 1,000 miles. Imagine how much better the world would be if there were more people like him!

When she realized she only had a few months to live, this woman from Burnsville, Wisconsin, all she wanted was to live peacefully with her beloved dog and best friend.

As a result, she and her dog moved into a friend’s home in Washington. Everything turned into an even worse nightmare when she learned that the airlines refused to fly with a dog due to breathing problems.

The poor woman had no choice but to leave her dog at the veterinary office due to the circumstances.

As a result, the veterinary clinic contacted local rescue organization Spot’s Last Stop and notified them of the situation.

Bailey had to be placed in a foster home for several days before a rescue team could arrange for him to return to his mother.

This is how the pug met Ryan Chukuske and his wife, both from Shakopee, who have kept animals, mostly dogs, for years.

And with their dedication, this kind-hearted couple changed the course of history.

“Hello, my name is Bailey”. Ryan wrote, “His man is moving to Washington state to prepare for her transition into the next life”.

“Since airlines won’t take her dog on board, we’re on a journey to bring this puppy back to its mother”. Be considerate of others. “Forward and upward, my friends!”

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