Beautiful story: a huge whale seems to fall in love with a zookeeper and a friendship develops between them

A cute lovely whale is in love with one of the male employees.

She’s so in love with him that she’s jealous of his female co-workers, which is ridiculous. The whale poured water over the same aquarium staff without warning.

Tina, a white whale, can be a jealous partner because of the way she treated the aquarium staff. Tina is in love with one of the male employees, but still sank down, swallowed water and spat it out.

Her wrongdoing? Tina, according to the employee, did this because she was standing next to the whale’s beloved male worker.

It was hard to believe at first, but her behavior seemed consistent. Tina’s favorite trainer always made her laugh and ”smile”.

It was difficult for her to adjust. The man then claimed to have helped Tina adjust to this stage.

He paid attention to her and taught her.

Soon enough, the whale took a liking to him, became tenacious and jealous. To demonstrate the employee’s point of view, the female team members asked the whale to kiss him. Instead of coming out of the water and kissing them on the lips, as she does with her beloved man, the white whale simply turns away with a snort.

The male team also took part in a test to see if she likes specific people or only women. Finally, whenever they say ”hello” or ask for a kiss, the beluga whale simply grunts and walks away.

Beluga whales are extremely intelligent animals.

Smithsonian Magazine obtained footage of belugas receiving gestures and verbal cues before diving. So it’s no surprise that Tina behaves this way with her trainers.

It’s time to make new friends. But, in order to finally break her attachment to her beloved worker, the aquarium decided to acclimatize her to other belugas.

Two male beluga whales live in the aquarium. The staff advised her to eventually meet her own kind so that the pack would accept her. Finally, they watched as Tina gradually gets used to two male whales.

I hope now she will not feel so lonely and in the future she will stop spitting on the employees she envy.

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