Beautiful story: a girl tried the experience with bought eggs, what happened surprised everyone

One girl from Hertfordshire decided to conduct an unusual test.

You thought that only cats or dogs could be kept at home. Absolutely not.

One girl named Charlie Lello from Hertfordshire decided to conduct an unusual test.

After watching a video on social networks about how a boy raises chickens from quail eggs, the girl decided to repeat.

She got duck eggs from the supermarket, but didn’t have high hopes for them. “When I was in the supermarket, I saw duck eggs and I thought they would also be good for testing.

Of course, I realized that these are eggs from the store and before that no one knows how many people picked them up and put them in their place.

Therefore, they may not have gone through this difficult path”, Charlie said.

The girl made an impromptu incubator, turned the eggs three times a day and calmly waited for the “kids”.

Everything worked out. Beep was the firstborn. Even though she knew why she started all this, she was still very impressed.

She managed to capture the moment the chick was born and shared this video on her account.

After the beep, the kitten Pip was born, which amused the hostess. And then Miep joined this company.

Of the six eggs bought in the store, the girl received three ducklings.

Visitors are fascinated by the story and continue to tweet to Charlie about how much they love the ducklings. This kindness melts my heart. They are amazing. I will follow their path.

Here are some of the thoughts that Charlie posted on his Instagram:

“This is not the first time market eggs have hatched. Many people have done this before me, I just had the opportunity to bring our story to life when we needed to smile so much.

I am grateful to everyone for the friendly words and I trust that when the hype around us subsides in a few days, you will continue to follow us.”

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