Beautiful scene: rescuers greeted the rescued dog, which swam 600 meters from the shore

 Beautiful scene: rescuers greeted the rescued dog, which swam 600 meters from the shore

Rescuers rescued a dog desperately swimming almost 600 meters from the shore.

Rescuers in Los Angeles County (California, USA) rescued a dog swimming frantically almost 600 meters from the shore, near Nicholas State Beach.

Dogs can be excellent swimmers. But some people sometimes get into dangerous situations. So it was in the case of a pet that lived on the west coast of the United States.

While he was walking with his mistress on the beach of Zuma, the four-legged succumbed to an irresistible desire to enjoy a good swim. Alas, what should have been a moment of pleasure turned into a disaster. According to FOX 11, the dog veered too far from the shore.

Rescuers are ‘happy to help this four-legged friend get back to the beach’.

On the alarm signal, a rescue team went to the scene. The professional duo climbed on their Jet Ski and set out to rescue an animal in distress.

The ball of wool was caught about 600 meters from the shore and then placed in a boat. Back on land, the rescuers brought their protégé to safety.

The latter, safe and sound, was able to find his owners. The woman, relieved and overflowing with joy, embraced the heroes of the day, who were greeted with applause and exclamations from the audience.

Los Angeles County Rescuers relayed this story on their Twitter account on Monday, January 24, 2022.

Although it was an unusual rescue for these lifeguards, they said they were “delighted to have helped this four-legged companion get back to the beach”.

“While rescue operations like this make us smile, lifeguards would like to remind swimmers that dogs are not allowed on the beaches of Los Angeles County”, the group concluded on the social network.