Beautiful pregnant sloth gently hugs her toy sloth and is preparing to become a mother

 Beautiful pregnant sloth gently hugs her toy sloth and is preparing to become a mother

In order to prepare for future motherhood, she was given a soft toy.

Cincinnati Zoo-one of the largest in the USA. Different animals live here and many environmental programs are being implemented.

Over the past few years, the zoo has collaborated with the Institute of Sloth Costa Rica.

In the care of the zoo, there are several double-fingered sloths: now these animals are considered a safe look, but in the wild, they face many dangers.

In February 2021, the zoo announced a joyful event: an eight-year-old female named Lightning became pregnant. Her partner is MO, a 21-year-old sloth. He was born in the wild and quickly orphaned.

He has been living in Cincinnati since 2006, but so far he has not managed to correspond. Lightning ended up in the zoo in 2019 on the recommendation of experts: the genetic coincidence of the couple was perfect.

The contribution of the MO to the variety of species is especially valuable since it is a rare representative of the population of wild slows. Most animals that can be seen in zoos have already been born in captivity.

The sloths eat, sleep, mate, and even give birth in limbo. Born, the baby will grab the mother’s fur, crawl to the chest, and will eat exclusively with milk for ten days.

Then he will begin to try hard food, but for about a month he will continue to cling to the furry stomach of the female and drink food with milk.

He will first hang on a branch at the age of about 25 days for the first time.

In order for lightning to prepare for future motherhood, she was presented with a soft toy-but also, also lazy. She already hugs her as a native baby.

Sometimes educators take the «baby» and return it back: they will do the same with the baby for medical examinations, and the zipper should already get used to short separation from the baby.

For slows, the period of pregnancy is up to 10 months, and the zoo expects replenishment in October. See what the newborn sliver looks like.