Beautiful love: baby elephant hugs forest ranger after being reunited with his mother

Reunited with his mother, the baby elephant hugs the forester.

Despite the fact that we call them wild, animals understand love and compassion much better than we do.

Even if we don’t speak the same language, gratitude can be expressed without words, as this charming anecdote shows.

It was a touching moment. Reunited with his mother, the baby elephant hugs the forester.

A newborn elephant thanks the guy who saved his life and subsequently reunited him with his mother, gently caressing him in an incredibly beautiful scene. The sweet event was filmed and it’s just so cute!

A rescue team from the Forest Service in Mangal, Tamil Nadu, India, rescued a missing baby elephant earlier this year, and the baby elephant was eventually reunited with her troubled mother.

The viral moment, which was first uploaded to Twitter by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan, shows a young elephant wrapping its trunk around the leg of one of the officers to express gratitude for his efforts.

Kaswan described the romantic experience this way: “Love has no words”. The park ranger is hugging a baby elephant.

The team rescued this calf and he was reunited with his mother.

The calf is on its way to reunite with its mother!

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