«Beautiful Emily conquers millions of hearts»: she stuns in a small red bikini on the beach

 «Beautiful Emily conquers millions of hearts»: she stuns in a small red bikini on the beach

She stood in the afternoon sun in dense woodland.

Taking part in the evening photo shoot on the beach, Emily Ratajkowsky did not leave much space for imagination.

On the 31-year-old model and actress, there was a bright red bikini with swimming trunks resembling thongs.

She had cuts on her hips and knees in light blue pants. Her dark brown hair with a parting reached the middle of the back and was separated by a parting in the middle.

She stood under the rays of the midday sun in a dense forest, her lower body was hidden under a great branch.

Her hair randomly fell on her face and eyes, and a dazzling ring was wrapped on one of her fingers.

After parting with the famous womanizer Pete Davidson and her ex-husband Sebastian Bear Macclaord, she said on social networks, which «attracts the worst guys» and that she «attracts worst men».

The star of the «blurry lines» said that it «screwed up» because men say that they want a «strong woman», but having encountered her, «break her».

Emily broke up with the 29-year-old SNL actor Pete last month after several weeks of dates, but she specifically did not mention any other relations.

After the collapse of her marriage with the producer of the film «Unfilled Jewels» Sebastian against the backdrop of the suspicions of his betrayal Emily recently began to meet with other men.

In her podcast, she added: «That’s what I do not like in dates, especially with men».

They answered: «Yes, you are special». They adore what you did, and begin to hate you as they gradually emasculate and cannot cope with their feelings.

They begin to undermine you, and in the end, you return to where you started. And this is unfair and confusing because I think that many men who sincerely believe that they need a strong woman do not know how to cope with it or what it means for their own identity.

I feel that I am attracting the worst men, «I said to my partner», she said.

Sometimes I feel damn cool. I want a man who radiates confidence. I do not need a person who is too self-confident and is trying to use me as a means of proof of his point of view. Not at all what I wish.

After Ratajkowsky and her husband Sebastian broke up in November, a couple of celebrities first became together.

On November 27, they were seen together at the game at Madison Square Garden New York Knicks.

Actor King Staten Island had a romantic relationships with several famous people, including Kate Beckinsale, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Kayu Herber, Kazzi David, and Ratajkowsky.

In the best times, in marriage with Sebastian, Emily gave birth to a son Sylvester in March last year. She calls him Sly.