Beautiful crested kingfisher is a bird with white plumage with black specks on the back and wings

A quite unique plumage of this bird makes it an outstanding bird.

These birds, called the hacked honey, died out. They do not need to do this cool hairstyle, they are born with her.

A quite unique plumage of this bird makes it an outstanding bird. It seems as if someone had painted the bird.

Males have orange feathers on their chests, females do not have them. These birds come from South Asia.

The crested wintering honey lives in the mountains, where you can find small and large rivers because they hunt fish and crayfish to eat.

They build their nests both on the hills and on the branches of trees. These birds have a special place for egg incubation. They dig a mound in a bank and lay eggs. This task is performed by both males and females.

After laying down several eggs, their females force them.

Only after reaching 40 days, do parents let the babies live on their own.

These birds are not so large in size, but, surprisingly, they do not eat fruits or insects, like many other birds.

The unique appearance of these birds may tell you that these species live in cold areas, but they only live in tropical forests.

We hope you liked the story of this wonderful bird. It would be so great to see them live.

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