Be Conscious Not To See These Wooden Sculptures In The Night. This Artist Prefers The Horror Genre.

The appreciation of art is individual; one is fond of beauty and the other one to horror.

The word sculpture is associated with beauty and astonishment for the vast majority of the people. Nagato Iwasaki, a Japanese artist, makes sculptures of driftwood that are out of standards. They are strange and frightening for some people.

He creates sculptures of certain sizes that are close to realistic ones. He chooses every detail properly and puts every piece of the wood with great concentration.  These sculptures with odd appearance look like as if they are wondering in the forest.

nagato iwasaki wooden humanoids

You can find these sculptures in different parts of Japan. Perhaps they are not the things you want to see every day but something strange in them attracts you.

nagato iwasaki driftwood sculptureslife-sized wooden figureseerie driftwood sculptures

The artist makes these sculptures for about 25 years, and they were exhibited in different art galleries. But the name of the author is not known well.

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Source: Nagato Iwasaki

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