Baboon is very aggressive, but this time cares for a tiny lion cub in the Kruger National Park

The safari guide knew that later no one would believe his words.

It is hard to believe this story. Babuin takes care of the lion cub? Is it even possible?

Baboones-aggressive monkeys living in South Africa. They are known for their hostility towards lions and leopards. It’s just incredible to see them together with friends.

So the guide of Safari thought during a regular tourist visit. Kurt Schulz led Safari Auto, full of tourists, in Kruger Park in South Africa, when he accidentally saw an incredible sight.

He knew that then no one would believe his words. Therefore, he took the camera and captured Babuin, caring for a lion cub.

A man has not yet seen such a guide for his 20-year work. Babuins and lions are enemies, and they simply cannot be next to each other.

At first, Schulz thought that the bear had died, but then he noticed in motion and the game. Then Baboon took the lion cub high on the trees and continued to hug him.

Babuin behaved as if the child was his own. In addition, it was a male Babuin, which complicated the situation.

The guide says that this may seem cruel, but there is a chance that the predator will eventually kill his enemy.

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