Astonishing Line Of Old Shoes. What Told Shoes About The Owner

Even if the shoes weren’t convenient people wore it for showing their authority and position

Walking barefoot even at the equator is not very comfortable, but what shoes to choose? It is easy now that there are shops, but in ancient times everything was more complicated. Here are some photos of the shoes of ancient eras.


Sacred paduka sandals that are 5000 years old

Namaxins. These Korean shoes are for bad weather

Venetian chopins could have a 40 cm high heel

Koturny – the shoes of ancient Greek actors who needed to look taller

Turkish bath clogs emphasising the high status of the owner

Stirrup shoe for women’s riding, that are 200 years old

Clogs with bells of a wealthy Syrian girl

Wooden sandals of the Kenyan Sultan Vitu Fumo Omari

Dutch klomps were in use even in the middle of the last century

Gift French shoes, symbolising engagement

Sandals with pom-poms worn by the Wayuu people of South America.

These shoes aren’t comfortable to wear but are aye catching

Do you think they will be trendy again?

Source: Lemurov

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