As if they had called it playtime: these baby stoats found a trampoline and started enjoying it

The trampoline was so alluring to these animals that they couldn’t resist jumping on it.

Robert Fuller decided to build a trampoline gym in his backyard. He did not foresee that, by making this choice, he would entertain not only people but also animals.

This wildlife artist’s home is in Thixendale, North Yorkshire. Robert’s yard is frequented by many wild animals, including owls, hedgehogs, foxes, badgers and even the stoats family.

Stoats are usually solitary and do not spend much time outdoors. However, these active animals liked the trampoline so much that they could not resist and did not jump on it. In 2015, Robert spotted a stoat for the first time while frolicking on a trampoline.

He followed the animal’s paw prints across the snow to the trampoline, and there were paw prints on the trampoline itself.

Since then, Robert has installed more than 80 remote cameras in his garden in an attempt to monitor the behavior of these timid creatures. The stoats were finally seen on camera leaping up and down on his trampoline.

They jumped on the trampoline. The little ones used the jungle gym as a playground.

These animals used the trampoline to stretch and jump because they seemed to like the material it was made from.

The kids use the trampoline to practice survival skills as adults and also use it as a place to have fun.

They found that playing hide-and-seek on the climbing frame helped them improve their hunting technique.

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