«Appearance does not matter for happiness»: a sweet wonderful family has become a favorite of the year

They raise their daughter and expect the second child to replenish the family.

Meet the Worgan family from Australia, who became a real sensation after they shared their history and photos on Instagram.

This cute couple, 27-year-old Charlie and her husband named Cullen are very excited by her fate.

Now they are raising their sweet daughter, and also expect their second child to replenish their sweet family.

Charlie and Cullen are a unique «magic» couple since they both came from elven history.

The growth of a charming woman is only 127 cm, and the handsome woman is 10 cm above the wife.

They managed to meet each other and create their happy fairy-tale family and enjoy their happiness every day.

Although they had some worries about the bearing and birth of a child, they managed to give birth to their little princess easily and greatly.

In an interview, she said that the dwarf could never stop them, since they enjoyed their lives, like many ordinary people.

Although doctors have already learned about some health problems of the unborn child, the couple is optimistic.

Despite everything, they believe that their child will be born normal and healthy.

Thus, they can fully enjoy their beautiful joint life.

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