An unusual companion: this squirrel immediately befriended and started cuddling with his friend

When this squirrel met the shepherd formally they started their friendship.

Although we are used to seeing traditional footage of dogs chasing squirrels, or squirrels teasing dogs, the two relationships are quite different. These guys are more like best friends than enemies.

Stewart was rescued and taken to a rehabilitation center after he fell out of a tree as a child. It was then that Callie met an Australian Miniature Shepherd and their friendship officially began.

They are inseparable, both turning out to be friends, squirrels and dogs in the end.

Squirrel hunting is especially common among dogs with hunting instincts. But this dog is different, her name is Callie. She enjoys hugging Stewart Scarrick and they are even good friends.

Callie and Stuart are close and have become friends.

They play together, sleep together, hug each other. Together, they prove that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

Stewart is a great kid. He lives without a family, unfortunately in his life.

He fell from his tree when he was a toddler and couldn’t find his mother or his family. He was rescued and brought home to his family, who found him all alone and probably died unaided.

They decided to save this newborn and keep him as a pet.

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