An interesting scene: this newborn beautiful llama is trying to walk for the first time in her life

One lovely young llama is testing out his legs for the first time.

Animal babies are wonderful and part of what makes them so is that they are ready to play and explore life from the moment they are born.

It’s hard not to smile and melt your heart from such contagious happiness!

One beautiful young lama, who is testing his legs for the first time, has joined the ranks of excitable babies.

He is wobbly and unbalanced, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. With his mother around, he feels confident enough to try to stand up and face the world.

It is impossible not to admire the zeal with which newborn animals meet the world.

He has been awake and active for only four hours since the little llama was born. At first, he wobbles a bit when he gets up.

All the cute little kid has to do now is learn to be more patient with himself!

“We breed llamas in Oregon – this baby llama is four hours old and has just learned how his legs work!” Added video caption.

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