An interesting and unique scene: environmentalists thought of a way to take care of zebras

To avoid fragile impression of the zebra on a person, they wear a special cloth.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (with 40 years of experience in Kenya and Africa) is where a zebra named Diria was recently rescued. They explained that, unfortunately, she lost her mother after she was attacked by lions.

They usually update information about the status of animals in their care through their official Facebook account, said Amy (a spokeswoman for the shelter).

“At this time, we have no updates other than a list of experienced caregivers who continue to care for her”, the guard said.

However, she also dared to explain the one little thing that caught the precious imagery: the caretakers’ clothes.

To recognize her mother’s traits, a mother zebra often separates herself and her calf from the herd so that the baby can recognize and follow her fur, scent, and call. Once the baby is able to recognize its mother, the duo will return to the herd,” said Ami, a spokesperson for the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

“In the wild, babies are raised only by their mother, but in our reintegration unit, it is not practical for one person to raise one if they go on annual leave.

Therefore, in order to avoid the impression of a fragile baby on a person, our Guardians wear a specially tailored striped coat so that Diria recognizes them as her “mother”, no matter who wears it.

The care team can provide Diria with the 24/7 specialized care she needs to give her the best chance of survival,” Amy continued.

The special clothing helps to build trust and make the animal easier to adapt, a gesture that is simply beautiful and speaks volumes about the care they show for the species here.

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