An incredible story: this little hedgehog made friends with a fox and they didn’t have dinner without each other

The strange friends met in the garden, and they’ve been eating dinner together.

The animal world never ceases to amaze when it comes to unexpected friendships, but given the circumstances, this young hedgehog’s friendship with a flock of foxes is even sweeter.

The strange friends met in someone’s garden and have been having dinner together ever since.

Foxes are a common sight in the UK and residents living in wooded areas often visit these adorable creatures.

Lucy Gouchet and her family were also affected. The young woman noticed how loving the foxes were and began to feed them, which turned them into something else.

”We’ve had foxes visiting us for years, “a woman on the net said, ”but like so many others, we felt they were dangerous creatures”.

For several years, Lucy has been feeding her furry friend for free, who has taken up residence in the woman’s backyard.

However, since free food is always nice, especially a hungry animal, another strange guest has recently appeared: a little hedgehog.

The small animal, which was hesitant at first, approached the food only after it had eaten four foxes. However, it turns out that they were not going to drive him away at all, but rather to make friends with him.

Lucy remembered. “I was afraid they would attack him, but instead they just looked at him like they couldn’t believe his insolence and left him alone to eat”.

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