An incredible sight: this kind and caring dog takes care of the kittens like their father

Very attentive and benevolent, he takes care of the abandoned little felines.

Raylan has a mission and he takes it very seriously. For this dog, it’s taking care of the kittens that his owner takes in to prepare them for adoption. He instinctively turned into a surrogate father for these fragile little animals.

Rylan, once an abandoned dog, has been taking care of puppies for 7 years, which his volunteer owner takes into his home.

Very attentive and kind, he takes care of orphaned or abandoned kittens entrusted to Laura Tindall. He puts them under his protection and comforts them.

He has always been an active dog and this mission suits him perfectly.

Laura Tindall recently welcomed two puppies, Ron and Hermione. They were found alone in the garage, emaciated and dehydrated. He loved them from the moment they got home.

Ron was even more attached to Raylan, to the point where he never left his side.

Then he sat him down to look after him. Ron even learned to demand that special treatment by standing in front of the dog and meowing into his eyes.

Raylan knows what it’s like to feel alone and lost. He himself was abandoned by previous owners when he was 2 years old.

Raylan just needs activity and stimulation. Something Laura Tindall realized even before she adopted him.

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