An amazingly touching reunion: finally, after a long time, this dog and owner are together

This adorable dog couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

In April of this year, the Washington County Animal Shelter received a report about a stray dog ​​named Blue, who ended up at a stranger’s house looking for a safe place to sleep.

An animal control officer quickly captured Blue, a pit bull mix, and brought him back to the shelter.

It wasn’t clear how long Blue had been on the streets, but he seemed to care deeply for everyone he met.

This was reported to The Dodo by the executive director of the shelter, Tammy Davis. “He was a happy dog”.

The shelter was forced to close its doors to the public due to Covid and is now only accepting visitors by appointment.

This meant that Blue had to wait months in his quarters, but this turned out to be a gift in disguise.

“That’s my dog”, the caption to the video appeared a moment later.

Blue disappeared from her Tennessee home six months ago. His owner was looking for him for a long time, but he had to move to Texas to find a job.

“Blue’s favorite toy at the shelter was a blue squeaky ball, and in our video he played with that ball,” Davis added.

“When we first approached the owner, he replied: He showed us pictures of Blue at home playing with that same blue ball, which was his favorite toy at the time. It was crazy”.

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