An amazing story: this loyal and sweet dog was able to save the life of his owner from a snake bite

This wonderful dog, Ruger, protected his owner from a snake.

Out of love and devotion, some dogs are willing to risk their lives to save their family members. In the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (USA), Ruger protected his master from a snake.

Zachary Pate was enjoying a pleasant walk with his 18-month-old Cane Corso Ruger when he noticed something strange.

His dog was biting his leg, a completely unusual gesture, according to the American. He scolded him, but the dog started running around him.

At that moment, Zachary Pate’s gaze rested on Ruger’s lips. He assumed that he had a stick in his hand, because he usually takes it to play with.

However, it was a completely different object that firmly held the quadruped between its teeth.

The man was stunned to find a copperhead moccasin, a type of venomous snake. Ruger attached the reptile to a log and released it.

For Zachary Pate, there is no doubt that his faithful four-legged friend saved his life, or at least spared him a hospital stay.

A verdigris sting usually causes swelling of the affected area, severe pain, and even severe nausea and respiratory distress. The poison can also damage muscle and bone tissue. However, it can be fatal for a dog.

“I had to run 250 meters to my truck,” a survivor told ABC 33/40 News. However, tension and stress contribute to a more rapid spread of poison in the body.

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