An amazing closeness: a truly inextricable bond has developed between two lonely abandoned dogs

Having met as a foster family, 2 Greyhounds became inseparable.

These dogs are so connected to each other that the association that cares for them tries to accept them together.

Recently at the Battersea Cat and Dog Shelter in London, TJ was very nervous. According to Metro, he couldn’t understand why his family decided to separate him, and he had difficulty adjusting to his new surroundings.

Then the volunteers came up with the idea to transfer him to a foster family, which has been caring for the greyhound since January. A 7-year-old dog named Coral was forced to leave her former owner, who is too old to take care of her.

From the moment they met, TJ and Coral got along great. They quickly became the best friends in the world and started doing daily activities together: playing in the garden, sleeping…

They are very similar, but each has its own character. Coral is always the leader, and TJ is more timid. Their personalities somehow complement each other. First of all, TJ is visibly comforted by Coral’s presence.

“It’s so nice to see two dogs gaining confidence in each other’s company, especially TJ who’s really come out of his shell since Coral came into his life”, says adoptive mom Kaye Mughal

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