An adorable cat, who started a new life in a shelter

Extremely sweet cat, who was rescued by a kind man

Malibu is a fortunate cat, who lives in a comfortable and safe place. It’s hard to see him as a hungry homeless cat walking the streets. He wanted to take food into the nearest stores, but he was always rejected. 

No one appeared to notice the cat, although the street is very busy. And a kind bystander considered to give him food. He was happy and fortunate for the food. Malibu went close to the man, who was moved by the cat’s deed.

The cat was too adorable to be leftover on the street. He was taken to a place with other animals. Malibu didn’t know, that it was the new chapter of his life. He was taken to a shelter, where he played with other feline friends.

Malibu is a very easygoing cat, who adores communication. His best friend is named Lorren, who resides nearby. They adore spending time together. Now he lives in the shelter and waits for his loving owners.

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