An add connection between the family’s new dog and the previous one

A mysterious incident, that made the owners perplexed 

Michonne Smith and her family lived 17 happy years with their beloved dog named Bruck. The sweet dog warmed everyone’s heart in the family.

Unfortunately he passed away after many years of living with the family making them sad, but happy they had such a sweet animal. The Smith family constructed a statue for Bruck, where they still go even after a year. 

And recently they considered, that it was tine to take another pet to their house. A sweet dog named Duki soon came to their family. Duki was born not long after Bruck and the family soon discovered, that they had a resemblance.

When Duki was freed in the backyard in the morning, the owner noticed, that he went to the same place. The reason for Duki’s unusual love for the place is unrevealed to the family. 

But Michonne considers, that the new dog knows that Bruk is there. Duki has never met the family’s previous dog, but they seem to have a very unusual connection.

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