«An act worthy of respect»: the caring and kind duo clear the graves of fallen warriors in their free time

They removed all the abandoned tombstones of fallen Civil War veterans.

One day, a kind-hearted college student met a pensioner and struck up a charitable friendship with him for a great purpose.

In Iowa City, most of the veterans’ headstones are dirty and covered in dirt and dust.

Many others even drowned in the soil, so the caring duo could not remain indifferent and decided to do something.

They removed all the abandoned tombstones of fallen Civil War veterans.

Meet this generous 19-year-old college student, Aaron Schultz, who visited one of his neighbor’s graves and appreciated something very important.

According to the young man, when he noticed the abandoned graves of prominent warriors, he felt that the graves should be honored.

Since these veterans gave their lives to the next generation, people should appreciate their patriotic deeds.

So Aaron bought a cleaning solution and tools to remove dirt and mold from the stones.

Soon he began to visit cemeteries so often that the tombstones began to shine completely.

Then a 67-year-old kind woman named Madonna decided to join and help the young guy in charity work.

Unusual, but great charitable work united them, and they became support and best friends.

So far, the humane duo has restored over a hundred tombstones.

As told to CBS2, they continue their good work until they clear all the forgotten stones in the cemeteries.

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