Amazingly cute puppy: this caring vet risks his life to save a frightened dog

The driver noticed something strange in the middle of the road then helped him.

When it comes to doing the right thing, sometimes all it takes is a little persistence. However, the veteran Ovidiu Rosso requires more than just courage.

A veterinarian from Bucharest, Romania, was driving down a busy highway when he noticed something strange in the middle of the road: a frightened little dog was hiding under the railing to avoid passing cars.

In the video below, Ovidiu can be seen falling into the middle of the road while holding on to the railing as he approaches the disappearing animal. A worried dog can be seen several meters away.

Having gained her trust, Ovidiu puts his left foot over the railing and frantically sets about rescuing the terrified little puppy.

“Probably he was dumped right next to the highway and he’s too scared to cross it to cross over to the other side”.

As shown in dramatic footage provided by Caters News, Ovidiu eventually takes a few steps towards the dog, bending down to grab it before it can leave.

Ovid continued by saying:

“Getting his trust was the hardest part of getting close to him. the last thing I wanted was for him to get angry and jump into traffic. Luckily, I managed to get pretty close. He’s a cute little puppy”.

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