Amazing work: these kind and caring volunteers did everything possible to save the dog

A surgical operation was necessary to save the life of the seriously ill animal.

In January 2022, volunteers from the Association Animal Solidarity in Disaster 06 handed over Poshka, a dog that belonged to a young homeless woman.

The operation was necessary to save the life of a seriously ill animal.

Some meetings leave no one indifferent and change the course of life. This is what Poshka’s story teaches us.

At the beginning of the year, a distribution of treats for stray dogs on the streets of Cannes, organized by the animal association Solidarité 06 in distress, led to rescue efforts.

The dog of an elderly poor woman suffered. Poshka urinated with blood.

Neither, nor both, volunteers offered their help, a glimmer of hope for this 9-year-old sick dog.

Sweet Poshka allows the practitioner to feel their stomach, give pain relief injections, and perform a urine test.

The beauty in the dress showed amazing calmness and courage. Exemplary behavior brought him a treat. But did Poshka finally get out of the forest?

The dog started crying as soon as he heard his master’s voice.

Alas, time flew by, and Poshka’s illness did not leave behind. A few days after the first visit to the vet, the dog’s condition worsened. Worried, his guardian angels opened their wings again and took him to the clinic.

This is a cold shower. Ultrasound and x-rays revealed the presence of stones the size of pebbles, which almost blocked the flow of urine.

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