Amazing story: this Yorkshire Terrier was able to save his owner thanks to his unusual and restless behavior

The strange attitude of dog allowed her mistress to be treated in time for cancer.

Karena didn’t think dogs could detect cancer until her own Yorkshire Terrier proved her wrong. This dog literally saved his life.

The strange behavior of the dog allowed him to cure his owner of breast cancer in time, Metro reported on March 1.

For 53-year-old Karena Kirk-Drain, Bella-Boo is a real heroine. This 11-year-old female Yorkshire terrier just saved her life.

She was celebrating her birthday when the dog started acting strange. In particular, he tried to lie on his chest.

After a few weeks, he was moaning almost non-stop. Karena Kirk-Drain thought he was in pain, but Bella-Boo was examined by veterinarians who assured her that her dog was fine.

The Yorkshire then started jumping on her chest and wanted to lick her, which caused her pain. Bella Boo became more and more stubborn, sometimes even aggressive.

Due to Karena’s pain, Kirk-Drain touched her chest so that she felt a lump under her skin.

Specialists later confirmed that it was cancer that had begun to spread to her lymph nodes.

Fortunately, the diagnosis was made early enough to save her. She underwent a long treatment, thanks to which the disease finally won.

Karena Kirk-Drain also admits that she does not believe that dogs can detect cancer, nor that there is anything after death. “But now I think differently,” she continues.

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