«Amazing story of the mutual love of animals»: the bulldogs made friends with the abandoned kitten

 «Amazing story of the mutual love of animals»: the bulldogs made friends with the abandoned kitten

He has a large family and three unusual friends.

Cases of the miraculous salvation of small kittens and puppies always delight us.

This time the baby was not a couple of days as he ended up on the street completely alone. As a result, he has a large family and three unusual friends-adult dogs who accepted the kitten as a native.

The story began on September 1, when Beth Walden saw an urgent message about the salvation of a one-day kitten. A small lump of fur was found, and he was completely alone.

Bet from Florida responded to the call for help and the next day went with her daughter to save the baby.

Immediately drove into the store and bought the kitten everything necessary, feeding it for the first time right in the parking lot at the store.

Bet and her daughter bought everything necessary for the life of a kitten. But he turned out to be a very brave guy, steadily withstood all the trials, ate as much as he could for his tiny weight, and fought for life.

They gave the Little Cat the name Little Short Pants. A completely blind kitten was constantly afraid to be alone, but now he had a family.

When mom, daughter, and a new member of the family were at home, three dogs that already lived with Beth came to the crochet of the kitten.

In order for the dogs to meet the baby, the owner held this meeting under supervision. All three dogs reacted as friendly as possible to the appearance of their little friend. Frenchy licked his face so gently and carefully as if she were his mother.

Especially reverent reacted to the appearance of a kitten dog Salvador. He comes to him every time he hears his squeak.

Beth is surprised to say that all dogs resort to only the baby’s sound. Until the moment his eyes opened, he was constantly worried about being left alone, without his friends and new adoptive mother.

But Beth has always been nearby and convinced of the opposite.

Bet with his daughter and four-legged friends did everything so that the shorty knew how well done he is.

Now the kitten opened his eyes, has grown a little, and learns to walk.